The Right Thing To Say (plus subtle self-promotion)

So a couple of days ago we were treated to a short radio story entitled The Right Thing To Say. We were played this story at the end of a long induction week, so I was planning on using the opportunity to relax and unwind (i.e. potentially nap…I like to nap). But, honestly, after just the first few minutes I was absolutely gripped. (Actually, there was something about the narrative which felt excitingly familiar…!)

The result of quite a substantial web search on my behalf revealed that this short fiction piece was written by the Canadian novelist Kathy Page and narrated by Tim Beckman, and first broadcast on BBC Radio 3 in September 2006. The story centres upon a fateful moment in the lives of two people, Marla and Don, who come to unlock a genetic secret. What I loved was that the narrative was hugely character-driven and the inclusion of scientific content felt very organic. Anyway, I don’t want to give away the storyline!

I wanted to use this post to encourage anyone with a spare twenty minutes to have a listen to this piece; however I’m yet to find the broadcast published anywhere on the internet, which is a bit of a pain. However, the story was also published in the anthology Body and Soul in 2011, so I have instead left a link to the written version. The anthology in itself focuses on narratives about illness and healing, so I hope to check that out sometime soon too: I feel it might give me some inspiration for my end of year documentary (yes I’m starting to think about it already, uh-oh!)

Check it out!


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