About Me!

Hello everybody! I’m Mary-Laine Friday and here’s a little about me, and my little corner of the internet.


I’m currently a postgraduate student at Imperial College, London, studying for my MSc in Science Media Production. My background is in Human Sciences, having obtained a BSc from UCL. I’m hugely passionate about science communication and am hoping to work towards a career in science multimedia/documentary production.

I started up my blog The Spaghetti Tree back in 2012 when I became very interested in science journalism. The blog from 2012-2013 focussed on science feature pieces and science news. Since its revamp in 2015, the blog has become more geared towards the philosophy of science, science in society and science communication. I also frequently use it as an outlet for any general science-related musings!

The Spaghetti Tree is hopefully a safe haven where I can express my views and general thoughts on science, and document some of my experiences and encounters with science communication. Read & enjoy!

Contact: marylainefriday@gmail.com
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Want to know where the title of this blog came from? Watch this video…


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